Carla & Sonja 2

Lesbian shit eating

Carla & Sonja 1

These are probably the hottest lesbian scat and barf scenes ever. Watch Carla and Sonja fucking each other, licking each other, shitting and vomiting ...

Denisa Heaven 1

Stunning beauty Denisa Heaven doing a little poo for you.

Amanda Vamp

Amanda Vamp doing a little poo for you.

Honey 2

Honey doing a cute poo for you.

Model: Honey

Susan Snow & Denisa Heaven

Susan Snow & Denisa Heaven playing with pee and poo a little. This is a color corrected reissue of one of our older videos.

An-Lee & Joyce

They were really hot for each other during this shoot and eager to taste each other's pee and poo. But they started with a nice lesbian dinner. This i...

Models: An-Lee & Joyce

An-Lee 5

An-Lee in a white dress in the bath tub, pooping in the water. This is a color corrected reissue of one of our older standard definition videos.

Model: An-Lee

Honey 3

Honey giving herself enemas, eating the diarrhea, puking it out and eating the vomit.

Model: Honey

Elvira & Rhonda

Elvira & Rhonda playing with fresh warm pee and poo - preview video not available yet.

Models: Elvira & Rhonda

Kaz B & Kirsten 3

Our infamous lesbian shit and puke couple Kaz B and Kirsten in piss, anal, spit and shit action. Preview video not available yet.

Models: Kaz B & Kirsten

Susan Snow & Laurie Vargas

A lesbian video starring blonde bombshell Susan Snow and American superstar Laurie Vargas. They start off having hot lesbian sex, then Laurie eats som...

Denisa Heaven & Laura 3

Laura is being used as a human toilet by Denisa Heaven. She gets shit and pissed on her face and she puts her stockings and dress in a mixture of her ...

Models: Denisa Heaven & Laura

Lucy von Trapp & Honey

Gaia - incredible shit eater

We did two movies with Gaia and both times she amazed us. In the first movie she eats a huge pile of shit as if it's chocolate, she really enjoyed it....

Vicky & Rafaella

Vicky and Rafaella are having dinner but things got completely out of hand and the food is all over the place and their bodies. Vicky fills a glass wi...


Vicky being hot and shit crazy, fucking her ass with a dildo and shitting at the same time.
She fills a bottle with piss, hangs it upside down to...

Honey & Jolene 1

If you are into scat eating and puking you're gonna love this video. Jolene is kinda constipated so Honey gives her an enema. After this Jolene shits ...

Denisa Heaven & Laura 2

Denisa Heaven & Laura in their second piss and shit movie, showing lesbian human toileting at its best.

Honey's Lesbian Shit Dinner

This is the video many LezPoo fans have been waiting for... finally we found another beautiful model eager to eat the fresh shit straight from the ass...

Tina Kay's Lesbian Shit Bath

Watch supermodel Tina Kay getting pissed and shit on, and enjoying rolling in the piss and shit and rubbing her face in it. She gives an enema to Rafa...

Honey & Ming 1

Ming talks Honey into trying out several fetishes, starting with nylon and latex play, spitting and pissing. Then Ming convinces Honey that's it's tot...

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